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Rajya Sabha: The Council of States – A Voice of Wisdom and Experience



 If the Lok Sabha is like a group of energetic students eager to make a change in their school, think of the Rajya Sabha as the wise teachers guiding them. It plays a crucial role in making sure India’s laws are carefully considered and serve the nation well, both now and in the future.

Rajya Sabha: Composition and Elections

How are Members Chosen?:

Unlike the Lok Sabha, where people directly vote for their representatives, the Rajya Sabha works a bit differently. Members are elected by the elected members of each state legislative assembly. Think of the state assembly like a classroom choosing its best representatives for a school-wide council.Who Can Be a Member?To become a member of the Rajya Sabha (also known as a Council of States, you need to be an Indian citizen, at least 30 years old, and live in the state you wish to represent.

What Does the Rajya Sabha Do?

The Power of Review: Imagine you written an awesome essay for class, and your teacher goes over it carefully to suggest improvements. That’s what the Rajya Sabha does with bills passed by the Lok Sabha.

They examine them closely, propose changes, and make sure the laws are the best they can be.

A Focus on Long-Term Impact:

The Rajya Sabha is full of experienced people who think about the big picture. They consider how laws will affect India not only today but also years into the future.

Special Powers:

The Rajya Sabha has unique abilities, like the power to create new All-India Services, which are important government jobs that help run the country. It’s also a permanent house, meaning it never gets dissolved, giving it a stable role in the government.

India’s Bicameral Parliament: The Importance of Balance

The Value of Two Houses: Imagine you’re trying to solve a super tough math problem. You need someone who can think of solutions quickly and someone else who can carefully double-check your work. India’s Parliament works the same way! The Lok Sabha provides swift action, while the Rajya Sabha ensures thoughtful consideration.

Rajya Sabha: A Pillar of Indian Democracy

Representing the States: India is a land of diverse states, some big, some small. The Rajya Sabha gives each state an equal voice in Parliament, making sure no state’s concerns are ignored.

A Place for Experience: The Rajya Sabha is often home to experts from different fields – scientists, economists, artists, you name it! This knowledge helps create balanced debates and well-informed laws.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that the Vice President of India is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? That makes them the leader of this council of experienced minds!

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